• Our Box is open between 06:30 – 21:30 on weekdays (Monday-Friday), 10:30 – 16:30 on weekends. CrossFit Boomerang has right to keep the box closed on national holidays.
  • In order to participate WODs and Open Gym hours, you must make a reservation on our website. The maximum number attendance to WOD hours is determined by CrossFit Boomerang.
  • If you don't have reservation for WOD hour, you can still attend if the reservation capacity is not reached.
  • Reservations are accepted only for next two days through our website.
  • If you cannot attend or required to change the reserved WOD, you must cancel your reservation at least 30 minutes in advance.
  • Drop-in guests are always welcome to our box with daily fee as long as capacity allows.
  • All members should attend the training session prior to attending WODs and Open GYM hours. Members, who are new to CrossFit, should complete 4 training sessions prior to attending WODs and Open GYM hours
  • You are not allowed to train on your own except for scheduled open gym hours. During scheduled WOD hours, it's not allowed to perform different training or activity.
  • You cannot start a WOD without completing warm up session.
  • It is forbidden to work without bar clamps and trowing empty bars and light plates on the floor.
  • For your safety, there should not be a box or barbell near you when exercising in the rig.
  • You must remove all barbells, plates and other training materials after the WOD.
  • Wearing outdoor sneakers in the box is forbidden.
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