How To Begin?

There are no age, weight, fitness level and body fat limits to start CrossFit. However, we expect you to have routine doctor checks like before you start any sport and fitness activity.

First of all, if you have any disability or physical problems, we need to learn. We may either direct you to a physiotherapist or other professional before starting CrossFit workouts or rearrange your workout based on your issue.

After this stage, we expect you to attend a total of four training courses. Even if you have a sports history before, you need to complete your training sessions and get approval from our trainers to start.

In our trainings classes, we teach you the basic functional movements of CrossFit such as squat, deadlift, clean, or help you remember.

If the training hours are not suitable for you or you want to take advantage of the personal training options, you can contact us.

After completing your trainings, all you have to do is to make a reservation to a suitable time from the daily program and to be ready in time for the warm-up at the Box.

Do not worry about the content of the workout because our trainers will make the necessary scaling according to your level before workouts.

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