I met with CrossFit in 2014. As someone who has done fitness and plates before; CrossFit is a workout that I regularly come on and can not not give up.

Fatma Dülger
Fatma Dülger

I'm a 17-year-old high school student. CrossFit has changed me a lot. I feel more developed in every sense.

Aslı Tokgöz

For me, CrossFit has become one of the daily activities beyond sport. I feel that my strength and endurance are increasing over the time and it makes me very happy.

Bahar Korkmaz

I'm 51 years old. More than exercising and sports, CrossFit has been a part of life for me like eating, drinking and sleeping.

Ali Korkmaz

I'm 48 years old. CrossFit helped me to beat the stress and the pressure, gain my favorite friends.

Erdal Arseven

I met CrossFit five years ago. As someone who has been involved in many sports, I can clearly say that CrossFit is completely different.

Seren Öztürk


Measureable, Observable ve Repeatlable results:

CrossFit is suitable for anyone who has a desire to get in shape, enjoys working out, and isn’t afraid to start

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