CrossFit Boomerang


  • Box will be open seven days a week, between 06:30-21:30 on weekdays (Monday-Friday) and 09:30-16:30 on weekends.
  • CrossFit Boomerang reserves the right to keep the facility closed on public holidays.
  • Box can be used with a daily reservation during daily training (WOD) hours and free training (OpenGYM) hours.
  • Box usage capacity is limited to the number of people determined by CrossFit Boomerang per hour.
  • If you do not make a reservation, you can only use the Box provided that the number of people determined for that hour is not exceeded.
  • Reservations are made for the next two days via our website.
  • You can cancel your request for time change or cancellation of your reservation on our website at least half an hour before the time you made the reservation.
  • Guests who are not Box members can use Box, subject to availability, provided that they pay the (drop-in) fee.
  • All members must attend training before starting training. For those new to CrossFit, it is mandatory to complete 4 lessons of basic training.
  • You are not allowed to train on your own outside of Open Gym hours. During the WOD, no other training or free training is possible in the Box.
  • You cannot start training without warming up.
  • It is forbidden to work without a bar clamp or to throw empty bars and light plates on the ground.
  • For your safety, there should be no box or barbell near you while training on the rig.
  • At the end of your training, you must put away all the tools and equipment you used.
  • You cannot train with shoes worn outside the gym.