There is no age, body structure, weight or fat limit to start CrossFit. However, we expect you to have had the routine medical check-ups you need to have before starting any sports and fitness activity. If you have any injuries or physical problems, please share the details with us.
We first provide training to all our members who register to our CrossFit Box, including the basic functional movements of CrossFit and the basics of Olympic weightlifting. Even if you have a previous experience in sports or even CrossFit, we expect you to participate in our training so that we can start our CrossFit training or determine your level.
Our training for beginners consists of four lessons in total. If you have not done CrossFit before, you must first complete all your training and get approval from our instructors.
For those who have done CrossFit before, we help you remember the basic functional movements of CrossFit by determining your level.
You can access our training hours on our weekly program page. If the training hours are not suitable for you or you would like to benefit from private lesson options, you can contact us.
After completing your training, all you have to do is make a reservation for a time that suits you from the daily program (Workout of the day) and be ready on time for the warm-up...
Don't worry about the content of the training because our instructors will make the necessary scaling to suit your level before you start.