Elite Fitness Games 2023

Elite Fitness Games is a high-level competition in which local/foreign male and female athletes between the ages of 18-54 compete.

The first of this competition, in which approximately 1000 athletes competed in the online qualifying and 250 athletes in the final, will be held between 30 September - 1 It was held at the Izmir International Fair in Gaziemir/Izmir on October 2023.

The entire competition is broadcast live on YouTube.

The competition is an event organized by the Turkish Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation, e It is held within the scope of a large sports fair, which includes sports competitions and the fairground of major sports brands. Approximately 25,000 participants visited the fair area during the event.

Elite Fitness Games 2024 Finals will be held at Izmir EXPO Fair area on 19-22 September 2024.


Elite Man
Elit Woman

Scaled Man
Scaled Woman

Beginner Man
Beginner Woman

Master 35+ Man
Master 40+ Man
Master 35+ Woman 
Master 45+ Man


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