CrossFit Journal, where articles written for CrossFit, which took many years to develop, are brought together. Training types are divided into three basic areas of specialization.

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Activities to increase oxygen capacity and heart health, such as cycling, running, rowing and rope jumping



Gymnastic movements such as pull-ups, muscle-ups, rope climbing


Weight lifting

Movements performed with Olympic barbells and weights such as squat, front squat, clean and jerk, deadlift

CrossFit Journal, one of these areas alone or a combination of more than one of these areas as the ideal training program. He recommends a high-intensity 3-day training-1-day rest program to those doing CrossFit. However, since 3 days training-1 day rest programs are not suitable for the life plans and weekly calendar of non-professional athletes, a training program of 5 days training-2 days rest can be applied as an alternative.

Meat and vegetables, oilseeds, some fruit, few starchy foods and zero sugar!

Crossfit's Nutrition Philosophy Is Extremely Simple

CrossFit Journal According to CrossFit Journal, the best performers among CrossFit athletes are those who follow the zone diet. . The basic nutritional principle of the Zone diet is to meet 30% of the daily calorie need from protein, 40% from carbohydrates and 30% from fat. It is observed that when intermediate level athletes strictly adhere to the zone diet, they often become top-level performing athletes.